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Looking to ditch your deodorant that has aluminum and other yucky stuff in it? Don’t want to spend the money on an all-natural deodorant you’re not sure about? I did the grunt work for you and brought a few natural deodorants with me on a trip to Montana this summer to test them out. Temps were breaking records and we had a week of hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding planned so what better conditions to test the effectiveness, right? If you’re old enough to remember the original all-natural stone deodorant from back in the ’90s then you know “all-natural” sometimes equals you being a hot, sweaty, and stinky mess. Things have come a long way though and now you’ve got more choices than ever! You could spend months and a lot of money trying them all. I selected six to test. Here are my Montana-heatwave-tested deodorant results along with prices (as of this posting). Do you have a tried and true all-natural deodorant you love that isn’t listed below? Share it with MNSMoms in the comments section below!

Native Deodorant

This is one of my two top picks for a couple of reasons. First, Native glides on smoothly and is clear, leaving no white streaks on your clothes. Second, they have a lot of scents to choose from and you can mix and match to create a kit of three at a discount. I really liked the variety box that was released for summer this year which featured Sweet Peach & Nectar, Jasmine & Sage, and Key Lime & Sugar. I will say that if you’re going to be in super hot conditions and sweating you may need to reapply at some point during the day, not because Native stops working but the scent neutralizes over time. I kind of like getting whiffs of my deodorant’s scent throughout the day, especially when it smells great. (3-pack for $30)


Underarmed uses organic botanicals and markets itself as a luxury deodorant. It does have a luxury price tag to boot but the quality of the ingredients is top-notch. One thing I didn’t like was the texture. It didn’t seem to glide on as smoothly as Native, for example, but the scent lasts a long time. I also have sensitive skin so the rough application irritated my skin.                     ($14.99 on Amazon)

Schmidt's Bergamot & Lime

I really love the smell of Schmidt’s Bergamot and Lime deodorant. It glides on smoothly and lasted all day during a scorching hot day of cattle driving. It doesn’t go on clear though and it left me with white marks on some of my shirts. For this reason, I’ll probably table this one until winter when I can use it in sweater weather. I also don’t get why the Bergamot & Lime is almost $12 more than Shmidt’s other scents. ($27.76 on Amazon)

EO Deodorant Spray

If a spray is more your style, the EO Organic Deodorant Spray has some great scents and it works pretty well. I liked that my skin felt dry almost immediately after applying it. I had to reapply after a hike in Glacier National Park one day but the smell is refreshing and I ended up spraying it on my clothes too because it was SO hot that day I felt like I was covered in sweat and dirt from head to toe. So I guess there’s a bonus use for EO spray deodorant plus it’s a budget buy! ($7 on Amazon)

Jason Dry Spray Soothing Deodorant

A spray option that surprisingly kept me feeling dry and cool all day long. The scent doesn’t match the spa-like botanical infused scent of Underarmed or Each & Every but if you love a dry spray then this is a good one for you. ($10.21 on Amazon)

Each & Every

This deodorant is my other favorite. The smell is so good (I personally love the coconut and lime), it glides on smoothly and feels cool on the skin. Each & Every isn’t just creating a deodorant that’s safe to use they’re packaging that deodorant in a plant-based material made with sugar cane – a 100% renewable plant. Sugar absorbs CO2 as it grows, removing it from the atmosphere – resulting in a packaging material that’s carbon negative and earth positive. A win-win for you and Mama Earth.

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