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We’re having a winter with some wild temperature fluctuations and not much snow. The air is really dry, and many of us are struggling with itchy, dry, ashy skin. Last week, while at a basketball game, I listened to three moms in the row behind me consult one another about what products to use for their winter skin concerns. None of them had found “the one”. I could relate and have the arsenal of half-used products in my bathroom that I’ve tried to solve my winter skin issues to prove it.


I spoke to AaronBrielmaier from Aesthetics 360 to get some advice on getting our skin through the Milwaukee winters looking and feeling its best.

Aaron, you’re a Milwaukee native, and I have to say, your skin always looks amazing, regardless of the weather. Thanks for taking the time to give us some expert advice. Can we talk hands first? No matter how much lotion I put on throughout the day, my hands look like they age 10 years every winter. What’s your advice? What anti-aging treatments are most effective for hands and when should we be doing them? And, should we be wearing dish gloves to do the dishes like our grandmothers always told us?

Aaron says:  I am so happy you want to talk about hands. Hands are ‘hands down’ (haha get it) one of the most neglected areas on our body when it comes to treatment. The amount of hand washing and sanitizing we do in the winter and cold/flu season really deplete our skin’s natural protective barrier. Anything that can be done to the face can be done to the hands. Chemical peels, broadband light (BBL) phototherapy, and even microneedling can be done on the hands! These treatments can be positioned throughout the year and can be added to your existing face treatment. BBL will help with collagen stimulation and the reduction of unwanted age spots, chemical peels will help with dry surface cell turnover for visibly brighter, softer hands, and microneedling is a treatment that will kick start collagen production to smooth the early effects of aging, this is for long-term anti-aging. It has to be said, there is no quick fix and when winter is in full effect, it can feel like a tug of war. Keeping a travel-sized hand lotion in the car, your purse, near the kitchen sink, wherever you can fit one basically will help remind you that continuous moisturizing will combat the constant hand washing and cold air. As for the gloves, anytime you are doing something hand intensive…wear the gloves.

What should we look for in body lotions, and what ingredients should we avoid? Do we apply right after the shower, multiple times a day?

Aaron says: Now this really will vary from person to person. Heavily fragranced lotions or creams are an indication of added chemicals that can cause sensitivities and unwanted skin reactions. Fragrance can also actually inhibit collagen production long-term and lead to premature aging (yuck). Ingredients you DO want in lotions include enzymes, retinol, glycolic acid, lactic acid, squalane. A mix of these chemical exfoliants combined with hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, shea butter & peptides will ensure there is the turnover of dead skin cells and the replenishment of moisture. Two in one can exist (as long as it’s not 15 in one…I’m looking at you men…). Apply on damp skin after a shower for the best moisture retention.

When it comes to the products we use on our faces, how should our skincare routine change during the winter months?

Aaron says: Our skincare needs to be richer in the winter. Ditch the lotion for a cream. Swap the super sudsy cleanser for a creamy cleanser. Add on facial oil after your moisturizer to seal in all that hydration. It does not need to be an overhaul, just a few adjustments!


Aaron’s Favorite Winter Products and Treatments:

 My favorite products and treatments for winter are applicable whether it is for your face, a body area, or hands.

                                                           -BBL, which is Broadband Light, the strongest form of intense pulsed light.  BBL will take care of your summer sun damage in the winter.  It                                                                     brightens skin, creates collagen and is perfect for reducing unwanted pigment, freckling, or chronic redness and broken capillaries.  This                                                                         treatment will help keep us accountable for use of SPF this summer, plus, it’s dreamy to think of how good our summer skin will be!

                                                          -Chemical Peels for face and hands are suitable for absolutely every skin type, unlike BBL that does have some limitations.  Peels are great for                                                               tone, texture, brightness…yes, please!

-I can’t finish this interview without mentioning the Restorsea 24k Gold Oil, an all-year-round favorite, but particularly in the winter for parched facial skin. Pat it onto facial skin as a final step over moisturizer to seal in hydration, provide a fantastic facial glow, and after allowing the product to absorb for a few minutes makeup can then be applied.

Aesthetics360 is a MKE North Shore Moms Tried & True business. If you’re interested in learning more about the treatments and products from this interview, visit the Aesthetics360 website where you can also schedule an appointment.






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